Morocco participates in the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank : 14/10/2015

Morocco participates in the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank

A delegation of senior officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance visited Peru to participate in the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund held in Lima from October 9th to 11th , 2015.

These annual meetings bring together the Governors of the World Bank and the IMF, and focus on matters regarding in particular the reduction of poverty, economic development, the stability of the global financial system and international funding.

At the plenary opening meeting of these annual meetings, Mr. Jim Kim, Chairman of the World Bank Group, presented Morocco as a reference point in North Africa and welcomed the progress Morocco made in terms of reforms aimed at accelerating economic growth and improving the well-being of the poorest populations.

As for the joint development Committee of the IMF and the World Bank, it mainly focused on supporting the World Bank group on the agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

In his speech on behalf of the Group, set up also of Afghanistan, Algeria, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan and Tunisia, the representative of Morocco welcomed the objectives of the new strategy of the World Bank group, which line perfectly up with the objectives of sustainable development while stressing that the challenge for the Bank is to make these objectives operational.

Similarly, he emphasized the importance of the Bank's financial and technical assistance to member countries to improve the efficiency of public investment in the infrastructure sector.

Furthermore, Morocco supported the new strategy of the World Bank for the MENA region especially the initiative targeting in particular the establishment of new funding mechanisms to build resilience in the countries of the MENA region and support the recovery and the reconstruction of countries in a situation of political instability and conflicts.

The Moroccan delegation also held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of this event, with the World Bank Group and participated in several conferences organized on this occasion, including climate change.