Mr. BOUSSAID recalls in Casablanca the strategic mission of Africa 50 and Morocco's commitment towards the fund during its constitutive general assembly : 28/07/2015

Mr. BOUSSAID recalls in Casablanca the strategic mission of Africa 50 and Morocco

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance gave, Wednesday, July 29th , 2015 in Casablanca, the opening speech of the Constitutive General Assembly of the founding shareholders of the 'Africa 50' Fund.

In this context, the Minister recalled the strategic concern of the fund which is to mobilize the resources necessary that can contribute significantly to cover the financing needs of the continent's infrastructure but also to promote the innovative and appropriate solutions to meet the specific needs of African countries in strategic areas for growth and development including energy and transport.

"Given the importance of needs of African countries in terms of investment in infrastructure areas, it was planned that the Fund mobilizes significant resources from African States, international and regional financial institutions, public or private institutions and, more generally, of all entities which believe that Africa is a continent committed to speed up its development and the prosperity of its citizens, but also to be one of the main centers of global growth in the years to come, "stated the Minister.

Mr. BOUSSAID said the Kingdom of Morocco demonstrated from the start, its total commitment to this project by reporting to the (AfDB) its intention to make a significant contribution to the Fund amounting to $ 100 million and to grant it all the advantages and facilities necessary to achieve its mission.

​"Morocco’s commitment, already met, results from the will of our State’s highest bodies to promote cooperation within Africa. The different visits made by His Majesty the King May God Assist Him and their concrete translation into the various signed agreements and cooperation, and the completed projects or those in progress in various fields, such as infrastructure, real estate, tourism, health, affirm the determination of the Kingdom to promote a more integrated, united and prosperous Africa, "stressed the Minister.