The Minister of Economy and Finance chairs the signing ceremony of three agreements : 02/07/2015

The Minister of Economy and Finance chairs the signing ceremony of three agreements

 Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Senior Country Officer and Acting Manager of the World Bank Office, Mr. MICHAEL HAMAIDE, signed Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 in Rabat three financing agreements.

In his speech, the Minister stated that the loan program aims to increase equitable access to primary health care in rural areas and improve the governance of the health system at the primary level, in nine regions covered by the government program devoted to maternal and child health and which represent, respectively, 83% of the rural population and 66% of the total population. In this context, the Minister noted that this program will accelerate the reduction of mortality rate among mothers, newborn and children under five.  The program will also improve accountability at the level of primary health care through the development of the annual quality assessment tool and the setting up of an integrated grievance management system; and the development of an integrated health information system, which will be computerized, accessible and operational in more than 80% of health facilities in a region in 2018.

Speaking of the agreement on clean energy and energy efficiency project that benefits the National Office of Electricity and Water Supply, Mr. BOUSSAID stressed that this project follows up on the energy strategy that Morocco adopted and which has set as a goal by 2020, to increase the installed energy capacity of the country that will be produced by renewable energy sources to 42%.

As for the third agreement for the preparation of Morocco  to access the carbon market , for which the World Bank acts as execution Support officer , the Minister stated that the Government reiterates its commitment to the integration of our country into the international dynamics of environmental protection, including the fight against emissions of greenhouse gases.

Mr. MICHAEL HAMAIDE, on the other hand, was very pleased to deliver three important projects which he said shall close a year of dialogue and exchanges with Moroccan partners on a number of reforms and projects, whether in progress or planned.

To be noted that the first agreement relates to the "Program loan resulting in the Improvement of primary health in rural areas." It is funded by the World Bank with a budget of $ 100 million and aims to support the government program regarding health matters.

The second agreement concerns the financing of clean energy and energy efficiency project, with a total amount of $ 149 million, financed by a loan from the World Bank of $ 125 million coupled with a concessional loan from the Clean Technology Fund (FTP) in the amount of $ 24 million. This program aims to improve the capacity of the ONEE to supply and distribute clean electricity and to respond more effectively to the application of targeted customers in the project area.

The third agreement concerns the gift of the Multi Donor Trust Fund for the Partnership for accessing the carbon Market in the amount of 3 million US dollars. This donation is part of the financing of the implementation of activities under the roadmap for partnership related to the preparation to access the carbon market.