Signing of 3 agreements by the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations : 12/12/2014

Signing of 3 agreements by the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID and the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Mr. Johannes HAHN, signed Friday, December 12th , 2014 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rabat, three agreements on programs " Education Reform Support, HAKAMA "" Integrated Wind Power "and" Ouarzazate solar power, "for a total amount of 1.72 billion dirhams.

In his speech, the Minister of Economy and Finance congratulated Mr. Johannes HAHN for his recent nomination as a Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations and for choosing the Kingdom of Morocco for his first visit to a EU's neighboring country after his appointment last November.

Mr. BOUSSAID recalled that through these programs, including grants agreements that have just been signed for a total amount of 155.90 million euros, which is about 1.72 billion dirhams, Morocco, with the support of the European Union, focused on three key levers for development, namely:

  • Support for the education reform which priority was enshrined by the new constitution and His Majesty the King’s speech of August 20th  2013, that put education at the forefront of the strategic goals of Morocco and reflected in concrete terms by the Installation of the Superior Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research. This program aims to support the government’s efforts on (i) education (preschool, primary and college), (ii) the quality of education system and (iii) the improvement of governance.

  • Reform of public administration through the redesign of our financial constitution for the establishment of the principles of transparency, performance and accountability. The reform of the organic law on finance acts is the core of the "HAKAMA" program which also aims to increase transparency, fairness and efficiency of the tax system. This program is not limited to reviewing the text of this organic law, but also seeks to promote the quality of public service and local administration.

  • the energy strategy aimed at achieving national objectives of security of energy supply and environmental sustainability through the development of renewable energies, in particular, the installation of solar and wind power, and whose main pillar  is to develop the potentials of renewable energy to reach 42% of installed capacity based on renewable energy in 2020. The neighborhood investment Facility for the contribution to the Moroccan solar Plan funding and the integrated wind Program support the key elements of the development strategy of renewable energy and adaptation to climate change.

Finally, the Minister of Economy and Finance recalled the very positive assessment of financial cooperation with the European Union and welcomed the signing , last November ,of the Single Support Framework for the period 2014- 2017, for an amount between 728 and 890 million euros.

For his part, the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations stressed that the decision to devote his first official visit outside the European Union to Morocco, convey a message of friendship and partnership, which underlines the excellence and exemplary relations linking the EU and the kingdom.  He states in this regard that the EU is the leading investor in Morocco with nearly 70% of the foreign investment in the Kingdom.

Mr. HAHN also welcomed the initiatives of the Moroccan authorities which maintain a constant and steady flow of investment in education field. He, in this respect, stated that investment in the education sector will always have a very positive economic impact.

Stating that the EU knows today a kind of brain drain, Mr. HAHN stressed that the flow of migrants towards Europe can provide a stream of innovations and new experiences. For this purpose, the EU has a moral obligation to participate actively in the education of people in the source countries for immigration to EU.

As for renewable energies, the European Commissioner pointed out that Morocco has an invaluable wealth of solar and wind energy, and stressed that the objective of providing 40% of the needs in energy through renewable sources by 2020 is a very proactive objective which would exceed the European average

With regard to the reform of public administration, Mr. HAHN stated that Morocco and the EU may find it beneficial to develop their administrations to minimize the effects of bureaucracy.

Finally, the Commissioner believes that the EU is proud to use Morocco as a base case in the framework of its successful partnership relations.

Attended the ceremony Mr. Rachid Benmokhtar BENABDELLAH, Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Mustapha BAKKOURY, Chairman of MASEN and Mr. Ali FASSI FIHRI, Director General of the ONEE