12th session of the economic dialogue with economic advisers and donors : 30/09/2014

12th session of the economic dialogue with economic advisers and donors

The 12th session of the economic dialogue with Economic Advisers to the embassies of partner countries and bilateral and multilateral donors accredited to Morocco was held September 30th, 2014 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

This dialogue, initiated in 2002 by the department of Treasury and External Finance, aimed to give information on Moroccan economy to Economic Advisers to the ambassadors of European partner countries so as to develop the report that they submit to the European Union Council on the economic and financial situation of Morocco.

Given the interest in this meeting, which allows the sharing and exchange of information on Moroccan economy and finance as well as on State and public enterprises investment programs, it has been extended to bilateral and multilateral donors represented in Morocco, within the framework of the implementation of the recommendations of Paris Declaration on aid Effectiveness adopted in March 2005, as well as other financial partners of Morocco, such as the United States of America, China and South Korea that expressed their interest to be included in this event.

This session was organized around three themes relating respectively to: (i) - "the evolution of the economic and financial outlook in Morocco," (ii) – “the State investment Program" and (iii) - " public institutions and enterprises investment Program ".?