Mr. Boussaid in the Global Growth Conference : 27/04/2014

Mr. Boussaid in the Global Growth Conference

​The Minister intervened in the closing session of "Global Growth Conference" organized by Amadeus Institute, under the theme: "Moroccan Economic Strategy in Africa ". In his introductory speech, the Minister pointed out to the new dimension taken by the African scope of our country which is part of a long term Royal Vision, founded on the advantages of the South-South cooperation and on the human development matter so as to establish upright, adequate and well-balanced economic relations.

This perspective , clarified in the historical speech of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God assist Him, before the Morocco-Ivory Coast economic Forum, on February 24th early this year in Abidjan, aims , economically speaking, to raise our country’s regional hub for the welfare of the co-development of a continent, in its emerging phase as a world growing pole .

The Minister displayed the main stations of this economic strategy:

  1. The processing of the trade agreements network to prepare to make Morocco a platform of trade (which was in 2013, at about 36 billion dirhams).

  2. The continuous improvement of the investment framework to and from Africa, which already allowed Morocco to emerge as a second African investor in the continent.

  3. A strong financial stationing in Africa: (setting-up Moroccan banks and insurance companies) and the financial center of Casablanca (CFC) which should contribute to drain the international financial flows towards the continent, and play the role of a privileged gateway of the large multinationals in search of alternative growth.

  4. Infrastructures (air and sea transportations, telecommunication networks) for the welfare of the regional and international competitiveness of the African companies.

  5. An innovative triangular cooperation, favoring the transfer of technology and the know-how.

  6. Investment in human resources through the deepening of university and cultural cooperation between Morocco and countries of Africa.

Following his speech the Minister invited the well-recognized private operators established in Africa to double efforts so as to strengthen their role, by sponsoring the Moroccan SME sector to diversify the know-how and to make use of new segments in accordance with the world trends. He also asked the public sector to be more effective and more successful to keep up with this dynamism.