Mr. El Azami El IDRISSI Participates in the Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance in Nigeria : 29/03/2014

Mr. El Azami El IDRISSI Participates in the Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance in Nigeria

The Minister delegate in charge of the budget, Mr. Driss El Azami El IDRISSI, participated, Saturday ,March 29th 2014 in Abuja in the workshops of the seventh joint annual meeting of the African Ministers of Finance ,planning and economic development of the economic commission for Africa (ECA) and The African Union (AU).

During this two-day conference, themed under: “Industrialization in the inclusive development service
and the transformation in Africa  “ Mr. El Azami El IDRISSI took part in the debate on the problems particularly around the important role to be played by industrialization so as to consolidate an inclusive, durable growth, capable of creating job opportunities, and also in the expected role of both the  private and public sectors in this process. The meeting also focused on the importance of innovation and technology mobility in productivity growth and industrial competitiveness. During this event, Mr. Azami presented the Moroccan Experience in industry field.

The Minister delegate headed an important committee, including Mr. Mustapha Bouh, Moroccan Ambassador in Abuja, and some highly-ranked officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Investment and Digital Economy and the High Commission for planning.

This conference will enable decision-makers to advance some accurate suggestions to be used as catalyzers for the implementation of an accelerated African industrial development.

Similarly, it is also an occasion for the participants to identify the issues which must be approached nationally, regionally, continently and globally so as to favor a coherent industrial development of Africa, as Carlos Lopes, executive secretary of CEA claimed.

The present seventh conference, held by the UN Economic Commission for Africa in collaboration with the Nigerian Government, gathered especially the African ministers in charge of finance, economy and economic development.

Before the conference, and within the period of 25-28 March in Abuja, a meeting of experts’ committee where the members of the Moroccan delegation along with other participants examined several sub-subjects among which were the recent economic and social trends in Africa, the progress made in acheiving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the Common African Position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the assessment of progress on regional integration in Africa and the triangular cooperation report and the South-South cooperation  for the reinforcement of  Africa program for post-2015.

Source: MAP