Morocco intends to become a regional hub of investment and trade : 05/03/2014

Morocco intends to become a regional hub of investment and trade

Morocco aims, in the light of the progress achieved, to become a regional investment hub and an actor of production and trade, within the framework of a strategy of integrated and profound reform, stated Wednesday, March 5th 2014 at skhirat, the Minister delegate in charge of the Budget, Mr. Idriss El Azami El Idrissi.

"Morocco is a favorable platform for investment, production and export, taking into account its strategic geographical position, the free trade agreements signed, as well as the economic, financial, and political relations with Arab and sub-Saharan countries, "said Mr. El Azami El Idrissi, at the time of a conference on investment organized within the framework of the Deauville Partnership, under the theme" Morocco, a country that offers unlimited opportunities for investment"

He also stressed that Morocco, which ensures the strengthening of South-South cooperation, became on the African scale, a model on business and financial plan, a distinguished partner in the socio-economic fields, as well as an important basis for North and sub-Saharan Africa in trade and investment areas.

During the same event, the Ambassador of Russia to Morocco, Mr. Valeriy Vorobyov welcomed the progress made by the Kingdom and its commitment to African countries, and expressed the willingness to see trade between Morocco and Russia , which currently stands at $ 3 billion , to develop further. Morocco ranks third on the African level after Egypt and Algeria in the trade of Russia, he informed.

On his side, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, in charge of SMEs and the integration of the informal sector, Mr. Mamoun Bouhdoud, stated that Morocco, which focused on the safeguarding of macroeconomic fundamentals, capitalizes on its geographical situation to position as an economic hub between Europe, the United States, Africa and the Middle East.

For his part, the vice-president of the General Confederation of Moroccan companies (CGEM), Mr. Kadmiri Salaheddine, indicated that the Morocco’s stability “tipped the balance of investment in its favor."