The MEF launches the new version of its Internet Portal : 08/01/2014

The MEF launches the new version of its Internet Portal

​The Ministry of Economy and Finance is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of its Internet portal in Jan. 10th 2014.

This initiative reflects the Department's commitment to continue its opening policy to external environment and its commitment to the process of modernization, diversification and renewing its services policy. Such action also meets the ​​objective of facilitating greater access to economic information and must, in so doing, meet the results of the opinion poll by the Ministry and r​​espond to the UN recommendations in the field of e- government.

The current ​redesigning of the website aims to increasing the users base of the MEF Internet portal , by​ improving its visibility and benefit from the latest developments in WEB technology.

The new version has attached great importance to the integration of ' Amazigh ' language, thereby pursuant to the Constitution, and to strengthening the Portal linguistic diversity by introducing the Spanish version, together with French and English.

The new version also provides new e- services as the e- claim and e -suggestion and strengthens the presence of the MEF in social networks, particularly through Twitter and YouTube.

Furthermore, and to give a clearer view to users and meet their requirements, some sections of the site have been reorganized. Similarly, a new search engine was integrated to improve access to information on the Portal as a whole. 

The new version of the MEF Internet Portal is also characterized by the new graphic design based on two colors, red as a symbol of energy and gray as a sign of professionalism   

To be noted that since its inception in 1997, the MEF Internet portal has undergone several revisions that have allowed it to be a tool of communication and information so as to meet the expectations of citizens, partners and the agencies concerned, inside and outside Morocco and contribute to its success as a reliable and current source of economic and financial data.​​