The House of Representatives adopted by a majority vote the Finance Bill 2014 : 26/12/2013

The House of Representatives adopted by a majority vote the Finance Bill 2014

​The House of Representatives adopted on second reading Wednesday, December 25th 2013, at a plenary session, the Budget Bill (PLF) 2014. The Finance Bill for the year 2014 was adopted by majority vote by 186 votes for and 59 against.

The House of Councillors rejected last Thursday in plenary session , the Finance Bill 2014 , by a majority vote ( 87 votes against 33) , which required to submit it to the House of Representatives for a second reading .

Following the vote, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohamed Boussaid stated that it was necessary to consider the political, economic and financial environment in which particular the PLF 2014 was developed, adding that " the aforementioned project was enriched during the debates in both Houses of Parliament, with new and important amendments which would preserve financial stability, promote the opening of new horizons for the national economy and contribute to strengthening the institutions" For him, these very important amendments tend particularly to strengthen the company and increase the resources of the Social Cohesion Fund.

The main amendment which aroused heated debate concerns in particular amnesty on assets and property illegally held abroad argued Mr. Boussaid.

Moreover, the treasurer of the Kingdom indicated that the rejection of the 2014PLF by the House of Councillors is a sign of ?democracy within the framework of the new Constitution," stressing that the Government defended the 2014 Finance Bill, with high respect and regard for both rooms.

"This democratic process is important in the context of respecting the position of each institution in relation to the Finance Bill that the Government and the Parliament will implement," stated Mr. Boussaid