Institutional twinning between the General Inspection of Finance of Morocco (beneficiary), of France and Portugal : 08/07/2013

Institutional twinning between the General Inspection of Finance of Morocco (beneficiary), of France and Portugal

​The third Steering Committee of the twinning project was held July 8th 2013, under the chairmanship of Mr. Benyoussef Saboni, Inspector General of Finance ( Moroccan project manager) and Mr. Eric GISSLER, French Inspector General of Finance ( Member States project manager), in the presence of Mr. José Maria Texeira LEITE Martins, head of the Portuguese General Inspectorate of Finance (junior project manager), Mr. Eric JAUSSET, resident twinning advisor and Mr. Khalid BENDAOU, his Moroccan IGF counterpart, inspectors of finance particularly involved in the project, representatives of the European Union Delegation and the Support Unit to assist Morocco-EU association agreement program (UAP3A) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

In his opening statements, the project manager of the beneficiary country referred to the local context and the twinning environment. Thus, the various legislative proposals related to IGF were mentioned, tabled in Parliament, compared to the bill developed, within the framework of the twinning, by Moroccan IGF.

The Project Manager and the Junior Project Manager of the Member States then presented the overall progress of the project. The rate of performance is 35%, while we are at 37.5% of the time scale of the project (ending in September 2014). The project remained stable after a slightly delayed start. This excellent result has been achieved thanks to the strong convergent mobilization of finance inspectors and the Member States experts. JPM and his counterpart exposed the operational progress of the match.

The activities of the institutional component (component A) were performed in 94% (because of consistency, the engagement quality assurance program was rejected at the end of the twinning). The different expected deliverables (strategic plan, bills and decrees, manuals, organizational instruction, training plan and master plan) were approved or are under study by the IGF of Morocco.

Activities related to tools production (component B) present an implementation rate of over 32%. It is exclusively for the production of audit kit (code of ethics, audit charter, procedures manual), the manual archiving as well as analysis and programming method risks. These tools refer to international auditing standards and aim to make the IGF of Morocco a professional audit structure. Work will continue at the next quarter, through activities to enhance the information system of the IGF. A study visit to Portugal in May 2013 helped to define the expectations of the IGF in Morocco in this area.

Training programs (component C) will start from the next quarter and the IGF of Morocco will be involved from September 2013 to June 2014. 10 finance inspectors will be permanently mobilized. Training courses in France (5) will also be organized.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Saboni thanked all the participants for their presence and involvement in the strategic plan for the institution and called for maintaining the successful cooperation between the institutions of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Member States of the European Union.