AFDB Annual Meetings 2013 : 31/05/2013

AFDB Annual Meetings 2013

As President of the AfDB`s Governors Councils, Mr. Nizar Baraka chaired the third session of the Governors Councils which was devoted to the election of the AfDB and the African Development Fund (ADF) administrators.  

Beside the AfDB`s Annual Meetings, the Minister of Economy and Finance held bilateral meetings with the Malian Minister of Budget to discuss various aspects of cooperation between the two countries and to study ways to enhance this cooperation.

Mr. Nizar Baraka also met with the President of the West African Development Bank to discuss Morocco`s participation in the institution`s asset.

As part of AfDB`s Annual Meetings activities, Mr. Baraka signed with the AfDB the donation agreement`s about the project on modernization of the organizational framework of the debt management, and the agreement relating to the use of the procurements national procedures in the framework of tenders launched under funded projects by the AfDB.

Other way, the Minister of Economy and Finance signed with the OPEP Fund the warranty agreement relating to the loan of 60 M$ to the ONEE (National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water ) for the second installment of the global rural electrification program (GREP).

At the end of this event, the Minister of Economy and Finance took part to a press conference about key issues discussed during those Annual Meetings.