The (ADB) annual meetings: Mr. Nizar Baraka`s meeting with media : 28/05/2013

The (ADB) annual meetings: Mr. Nizar Baraka`s meeting with media

Mr. Nizar BARAKA, Minister of Economy and Finance and president of the Board of Governors of the African Development Bank (ADB) arrived in Marrakech, May 28th, 2013 to take part in the annual meetings of the (ADB) which will be held in Marrakech May 30th and 31st 2013.

More than 3,000 delegates will participate in these meetings, including finance ministers, Governors of central banks and heads of businesses coming from 78 countries members of the institution.

Delegates representing other multilateral financing institutions, development agencies, business leaders from the private sector, non-governmental organizations and civil society, as well as the media, will also attend these meetings.

The main focus of these meetings will be "The structural transformation of Africa." Other issues will be tackled like: the challenges facing the African region in key areas such as climate change, infrastructure, private sector and governance.

Upon his arrival in Marrakech, the Minister of Economy and Finance was interviewed by "The Banker Magazine" and "Euromoney confernces". The interview with "The Banker Magazine" focused on the modernization of the financial sector and the prospects for the Moroccan economy.

Regarding the financial sector, Mr. Nizar BARAKA recalled the major reforms of the Moroccan financial sector based on basic pillars namely transparency, the financial strength of institutions and the diverse means of investment financing.

The ultimate goal is to promote growth financing.

As for the Moroccan economy prospects, the Minister of Economy and Finance stated that with the continuing adverse international environment, the Government is committed to a program that sets four objectives, namely the control of macroeconomic stability, raising the level of potential growth, improving the competitiveness of the economy and the strengthening of social solidarity.

The interview with Euromoney was mainly devoted to the potential future of Euromoney plans in Morocco.

During his interview with the `AFP` francophone press agency, the Minister discussed several points including these annual meetings held in Morocco and the Kingdom?s position within this institution.

The Minister was interviewed from Marrakech, by 2 m TV Channel, on the importance of this event at the level of the continent as well as on Morocco-BAD cooperation.