The (ADB) Annual Meetings: A Morocco pavilion to enhance development efforts : 27/05/2013

The (ADB) Annual Meetings: A Morocco pavilion to enhance development efforts

A Morocco pavilion bringing together more than thirty exhibitors, including government departments, banks, public and private companies, was set up Monday, May 27th, 2013 in Marrakech, on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the African Development Bank (ADB), whose work will start officially on Thursday.  

    Set up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the pavilion is built on an area of over 800 m2. It is intended to be a showcase of Morocco`s great progress in various socio-economic fields, as well as major projects launched by Morocco in strategic sectors, funded by the (ADB), such as crafts, water, electricity, agriculture and infrastructure.

According to organizers, the development of this exhibition area is an appropriate opportunity for the public and the various participants at the annual meetings of the (ADB) to take note of the Kingdom`s various sector based policies, as well as the great development achieved Generally in key sectors of the national economy.

The Morocco pavilion offers a real opportunity to promote the Kingdom in terms of tourism and the anticipation of development projects that may require funding, they stated, noting that such initiatives are very important, because Morocco is making great efforts for socio-economic development that need to be known and recognized. "We believe that a great event such as the (ADB) annual meetings is a springboard to better communicate about what is happening in Morocco, large ongoing projects ", they concluded.

The annual meeting of the (ADB) that runs until May 31st current in Marrakech under the theme "structural changes of Africa", was attended by over 2,500 delegates from 78 countries attended this event.

The first day of the meetings were characterized by organizing a series of seminars and thematic workshops on, among others, "the policy for structural transformation in Africa: what role for think tanks?" ", policy dissemination and access to information", "stimulate the African private sector in financing and business opportunities," and "the need of the energy sector in Africa: building capacity in the sector energy"