The 2013 Annual Meetings of the (ADB) will focus on the structural changes made in Africa : 23/05/2013

The 2013 Annual Meetings of the (ADB) will focus on the structural changes made in Africa

The African Development Bank Group (ADB) will hold its 2013 Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, from May 27th to 31st 2013.

More than 2,500 delegates including finance ministers, central bank governors and business managers coming from the 78 member states of the Bank will take part in the meetings.

The meetings will be devoted to the theme of "The structural changes in Africa" .They will review the Bank`s actions in 2012 and its development financing portfolio for 2013. The meetings will also address the challenges facing the African region in key areas such as the climate change, infrastructure, private sector and governance.

Established in 1964 to mobilize resources for economic and social development of its regional member countries, the (ADB) is the first development finance institution in Africa. It focuses on reducing poverty and promoting sustainable growth. Starting from 1967 to December 31st 2011, the Bank approved 3,661 loans and grants amounting to 60.06 billion units of account, or about 92.57 billion U.S. dollars for its regional member countries.

Delegates representing other multilateral financial institutions, development agencies, business leaders from the private sector, non-governmental organizations and civil society and the media, will also attend the meetings.

Starting on May 27th, the high-level seminars and other parallel events will be held on the economic, social and political development in Africa. Comments will help speed up changes in the continent.

The Bank believes that "the structural changes may not be made without investing in infrastructure, agriculture, vocational training and education, or without further engagement with the private sector."

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