Institutional twinning between the General Inspectorates of Finance (IGF) of the Kingdom of Morocco, the French Republic and the Portuguese Republic : 19/04/2013

Institutional twinning between the General Inspectorates of Finance (IGF) of the Kingdom of Morocco, the French Republic and the Portuguese Republic

The second twinning Steering Committee between the IGF of Morocco and its French and Portuguese counterparts was held April 18th , 2013, under the chairmanship of Mr. Benyoussef SABONI, the Inspector General of Finance (the Moroccan project manager) and Mr. GISSLER Eric, the French Inspector General of Finance (the Member States Project manager ), in the presence of Mr. José Maria Texeira LEITE MARTINS, head of the Portuguese General Inspectorate of Finance (the junior project manager), Mr. Eric JAUSSET, resident twinning advisor and Mr. Khalid BENDAOU his Moroccan IGF counterpart, the inspectors of finance particularly involved in the project, representatives of the Delegation of the European Union and the Support Unit of the assistance program of the Morocco-European Union Association Agreement (UAP3A) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Also took part at this committee, the governance project leader of the France Embassy and the Economic and Commercial Advisor of the Portugal Embassy.

To be noted that this project aims to strengthen the institutional, organizational and professional capacities of the (IGF) of the Kingdom of Morocco. The first steering committee meeting was held January 22nd 2013.

The quarterly steering committees held within the framework of the twinning aim to present and analyze results achieved in the period under review, denote the activities planned for the next quarter, present the financial implementation of the project. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the components of the context of the twinning. It is also an opportunity for significant exchange between partners (project team, European Union, UAP3A).

During the startup of the committee, the project manager of the beneficiary country made a presentation on the various elements of the local context in relation to the twinning (legislative agenda for the adoption of the proposed draft texts, including the IGF bills and the decree on the status of financial inspectors). The Project Manager and Junior Project Member States manager then presented the overall progress of the project. After starting operations in Section A on November 19th, 2012, the rate of implementation reached a satisfactory level due to the strong involvement of Moroccan experts and inspectors of Finance. The resident twinning advisor (RTA) and its counterpart indicated that the carrying out of the Part A (institutional) of the project took place in good conditions. In this case, the expected texts (the IGF Bill; draft decree defining the status of the Inspectorate of Finance) are being developed. Other activities in Section A (strategic plan, master plan and five-year training plan, training organization, review of IGF audit manuals scheme) will be complete in the second quarter of 2013. The expected deliverables will be provided to the beneficiary for validation. Activities under section A will be therefore completed June 20, 2013.

The activities of the Section B (audit kit, work plans, information system) will start on May 2013. In particular, a study visit in connection with the development of the Information System of the IGF will be held in Portugal, with the participation of five members of the IGF. Those of the component C (skills development) will start from September 2013.

The twinning budget highlighted a satisfactory rate of consumption. At the end of the meeting, Mr. SABONI thanked all the participants for being present and involved in this strategic plan for the institution and called for maintaining the fruitful cooperation between these institutions of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Member States of the European Union.