Interview of the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget with : 09/11/2012

Interview of the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget with

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance in charge of the Budget, Mr. Driss Azami EL Idrissi, stated in an interview published Friday, November 9th , 2012 by the weekly newspaper "Challenge" that the 2013 Finance Bill aims to meet the majority of economic and social problems of the country.  

In addition, Mr. Azami noted that the Government focused on four main elements: "First, the creation of wealth through a reliable support to private and public investment and the competitiveness" of the Moroccan economy, adding that the Government reviewed the strengthening of social cohesion through regional and social aspects.

Mr. Azami also mentioned the revitalization of strategic reforms (justice, regionalization, retirement, compensation ...) and the setting up of the macroeconomic balance "to give more visibility to economic and social operators, and to have control on the sovereign decisions made in economic matters."

As to the Social Solidarity Fund, he pointed out that it improves the daily life conditions of the needy persons, namely health and education. He noted that the Fund grants two types of aid: the first related to medical services provided in RAMED program and the second concerns direct conditioned aids, including Tayssir program.