Adoption of the 2013 Finance Bill by the Council of Government : 16/10/2012

Adoption of the 2013 Finance Bill by the Council of Government

The Council of Governmentadopted, Monday, October 15th2012 at an extraordinary meeting, the 2013 Finance Bill as well as a number of draft decrees accompanying it.  

    At a press briefing after the Council, Mr. Mustapha El Khalfi, Minister of Communication, Government spokesman, specified that the 2013 budget aims to achieve a 4.5%, areduction to 4.8% of the budget deficit in relation to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the creation of 24,000 jobs, half of which will go to the social sectors, with the launch of a series of measures to tackle unemployment.

The Finance Bill, which will be presented to the Parliament in its constitutional terms, is, according to Mr. El Khalfi, an ambitious step to face the constraints of external crisis while pursuing the development projects launched to support productive investment and reduce social and spatial inequalities.

The project also addresses the main justice, compensation and retirement reform projects, while strengthening policies to restore macro-economic balances.

The Minister stated that the Billincludesa number of measureson improving the competitiveness of the national economy, the development of new industrial sectors, the support of projectsthat are part of strategic plans as well as the support and the accompaniment of SME through a series of tax, financial and management measures.

Socially, M. El Khalfi stated that the Bill aims to reduce social and spatial inequalities, particularly in terms of education, health services and housing supply, adding that the project also includes a set of measures of solidarity to support low-income families.

The project also attaches importance to the development of rural and mountainous areas, he concluded.