The Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget participates in the 2012 Summer Davos work : 18/09/2012

The Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget participates in the 2012 Summer Davos  work

A Moroccan delegation made up of the Minister delegate in charge of General Affairs and Governance, Mr. Mohamed Najib Boulif, the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, Mr. Driss El Azami El Idrissi, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, Mr. Mohamed Jamal Benjelloun, take part in the "Summer Davos" World Economic Forum (WEF), held from September 11thto 13thin Tianjin (Northern China).

In a context characterized by the crisis and the Arab Spring, the Moroccan Ministers took part in the debate, at its various public and private sessions, as speakers in order to recall Morocco`s global positioning , indicates a statement from the Presidency government, received Wednesday by the MAP. The same source indicates that the Ministers`key message is that Morocco is today a real exception in the Arab world, noting that the Kingdom was less affected by the Arab Spring, and has undergone fundamental economic and democratic transformations.

Profiting from a healthy business climate, Morocco emerges as the "most attractive" and "stable" market for investors, thus providing a reference in the region, continues the press release.

In a difficult international climate, the Kingdom is doing relatively well thanks to its political and macroeconomic stability and inflation rate control , allowing it to keep its leader status in the last report on the competitiveness of the WEF.

Its geographical location at the confluences of Europe, the Arab world and Africa constitutes a unique investment opportunity.

According to the same source, the Ministers have, moreover, stressed that the major structuring projects initiated in sectors with strong potential as industry, new technologies, agriculture, renewable energy and logistics make it possible to increase growth and reinforce the competitiveness of the country.

This meeting stated the press release, was an opportunity for the Moroccan delegation to meet Professor Klaus Schwab, WEF founder.

Mr. Schwab welcomed, on this occasion, the evolution experienced by Morocco in terms of political and economic reforms in the present context, expressing his wish to consolidate the partnership with Morocco with a plan for a future summit in Morocco, indicates the same source.

The Ministers had, on this occasion, bilateral meetings with senior political officials and businesscommunity, from China, the Middle East, and Latin America in order to seek out new investment opportunities by diversifying partners.

This annual meeting, joining together more than 1500 participants from business, the most powerful and influential worldwide firms, is specific to the group "of the new economic champions", of the emerging countries characterized by a fast economic growth.

Following on the various global economic changes, the forum chose to treat this year "the creation of the future economy".