The recovery of the economy and the promotion of business are the focus of a meeting between the Government and the CGEM : 16/08/2012

The recovery of the economy and the promotion of business are the focus of a meeting between the Government and the CGEM

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Nizar BARAKA, and the Deputy Minister, in charge of the Budget, Mr. Driss EL AZAMI EL IDRISSI, participated in a meeting organized in Rabat Wednesday, August 15th 2012, on the recovery of the national economy and the promotion of the corporate citizen. It was co-chaired by Mr. Abdelillah BENKIRANE, head of Government and Mrs. Miriem BENSALAH CHAQROUN, President of the CGEM.  

This meeting provided an opportunity for discussion between the Government and the CGEM`s office members. It was also an occasion to examine ways to promote the corporate citizen and recover the national economy in a global context, declared the Chief of Government to the press at the conclusion of this meeting.

In addition, the Chief of Government reiterated his team`s commitment to take all necessary steps for the success of business, the creation of jobs, the immunization of the national economy and the encouragement of the Moroccan firm, called to develop and diversify its production to reduce imports cost that worsens the trade deficit.

On this occasion, the Government and the CGEM were committed to sustained dialogue on different issues, and therefore, be able to make the appropriate decisions for the revival of the national economy and social development, he indicated.

This is a view shared by the President of the CGEM, who stated that this meeting was an opportunity to put forward a program of regular consultation with the aim of establishing a "sincere and solid" partnership between the Government and the CGEM that affects the different sectors of the national economy.

"We do believe that all heads of business, man and women, north and south, have joined forces to make a success of this economic and socially responsible vision in which our country takes part," Mrs. Bensalah CHAQROUN affirmed

The meeting was attended, for the Government members, by the Minister of State, Mr. Abdellah BAHA, the Minister of industry, trade and new technologies, Mr. Abdelkader AMARA and the Minister of employment and vocational training, Mr. Abdelouahed SOUHAIL.

Also participated in this session: the vice Presidents of the CGEM, Mr.Salaheddine Kadmiri, Mr. Abdeslam Ahizoune, Mr. M`hamed Loultiti, Mr. Omar Kabbaj and Mrs. Saida Karim Lamrani, as well as the Ombudsman and the director of the Confederation, respectively Mr. Jouad Sheikh Lahlou and Mr. Mohamed Al Kettani.

The Government and the CGEM signed, recently, a memorandum of understanding on the setting up of the bases of mutual trust and a regular dialogue cooperation on economic issues, including employment, competitiveness, education, vocational training, research and development, innovation, new technologies, Justice, the climate of business, regionalization, governance, investment, savings, financing and sustainable development.