Morocco, France to strengthen cooperation : 24/07/2012

Morocco, France to strengthen cooperation

Mr. Nizar BARAKA, Minister of Economy and Finance met in his department on Friday, 13th july 2012 Ms. Nicole BRICQ, the French Minister of Foreign Trade, who was with Mr. Dov ZERAH, Director of the French Development Agency.   
In this occasion, Mr. BARAKA said that this visit confirms the French Moroccan close ties and comes at a particular political context. In France, this visit coincides with the election of a new president of the Republic and the accession of a new government majority. In Morocco, it coincides with various important political dates as it came after of a new constitution proposed by His Majesty the king Mohammed VI and which was unanimously adopted in a referendum in July 2011; it came after the holding of free and transparent elections that brought a new head of government who has more extended constitutional rights

On her part, Ms. BRICQ, spoke very highly of the democratic process that Morocco has been undergoing and declared that Morocco has a very distinguished position among French partners, underlining that France considers the cooperation with Morocco as a pivotal axis in French cooperation.

This meeting was also an opportunity for Mr. BARAKA to expose the broad lines of the government programme which aims at consolidating economic growth, improving the national economy`s competitiveness, implementing a more competitive environment, opening up to the external world, developing social programmes and encouraging regional integration.

The two ministers were very happy to reiterate their satisfaction for the excellent bilateral economic and financial cooperation relations between the two countries, which are marked by density and diversification and which make of France the first partner of Morocco in trade exchange, foreign investment, fund transfer of Moroccans resident abroad, tourist revenues and public aid for development.

They then reviewed the main financial cooperation instruments, particularly the assistance of the French Development Agency in development projects that have been carried out in the framework of different strategic programmes launched in Morocco.

Finally, Mr. Nizar BARAKA and Ms Nicole BRICQ expressed their satisfaction as to the quality of cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the French Republic and reaffirmed their willingness to work towards the consolidation of this cooperation.