Association Agreement between Morocco and the European Union : 01/03/2012

Association Agreement between Morocco and the European Union

Within the framework of Morocco-EU Association Agreement, the Ministry of Economy and Finance informs, that March 1st 2012 will be the 13th and the last date of tariff dismantling for agricultural and industrial products from European Union countries listed in the circular No. 5311/222.

As such, Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Economy and Finance, stated that the dismantling customs process which comes into force March 1st 2012 will have a positive impact on consumers and Moroccan businesses called to strengthen their competitiveness.

He noted that customs dismantling, launched ten years ago, will have a positive impact on Moroccan companies, owing to the fact that tariff reduction on raw materials is likely to contribute in reducing production costs in Morocco.

The Permanent removal of customs tariffs calls for the development of the competitiveness of the national economy through improving the competitiveness and the productivity of Moroccan companies as well as the modernization of national production structures, he said.

He indicated that the final step of tariff dismantling is the reduction of 2.5 pc of the tariffs. He added that the impact of this process became more important after the coming into force of the association agreement between Morocco and EU in March 2000.

2012 is the last step in customs dismantling process between Morocco and the EU launched in March 2000, under Morocco- EU Association Agreement signed February 1996 which includes the total exemption of industrial products originating in the EU in March 2012, excluding VAT, the domestic consumption tax and customs duties.

  • the circular No. 5311/222.