The Minister took part in Paris Forum in Casablanca : 08/02/2012

The Minister took part in Paris Forum in Casablanca

Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Economy and Finance, participated in the third edition of the Paris Forum in Casablanca Round, which started on Wednesday, February 1st 2012 in Casablanca, under the theme`` Political upheaval and economic challenges ``

In his speech at the opening of this Forum, the Minister stated that competitiveness can be based only on complementarities and on democratic model which is more inclusive, more caring, more sustainable and more concerned with balance in relationships.

After recalling the changes in the Arab world and their impact and the crisis in the Euro zone, the Minister noted that the balance of the international relations is in a process of being deeply changed, hence the need for answers to the new challenges.

He went on to say that these political upheavals offer new opportunities to an active Mediterranean citizenship which will be able to release the immense potential of economic and social progress of young people thirsty for dignity and meaningful participation in wealth creation.

This momentum for change is a source of immense hope for a region that has many assets namely a young and dynamic population, enormous resources, a large regional market, a strategic favorable position and an access to key market, pointed out the Minister. He stressed that the ongoing democratic transitions offer huge potential to stimulate a more inclusive and equitable growth and to promote regional integration.

Mr. Nizar Baraka, who recalled the steps taken by the democratic process in Morocco (new constitution, elections etc ...) has noted that the Government, to address the economic crisis in Europe and meet the aspirations and high expectations of citizens, must manage a three-fold democratic transition, demographic and social in harmony and cohesion and with a requirement to provide results.

He, thereafter, presented the five areas of the economic model that the Executive intends to implement particularly consolidating endogenous growth, diversifying productive structures, strengthening the attractiveness of the national economy, developing solidarity mechanisms and improving governance through respecting free competition, transparency and the relation between responsibility and accountability.

The implementation of this model and the consolidation of democracy will enable the country to gradually meet the populations` aspirations in terms of freedom, dignity and well-being and achieve sustained and sustainable economic development, he concluded. This forum, which brings together more than 500 figures from the political, economic and finance worlds and other intellectuals, will be based on two key components : " The incredible increase in risk`` and`` growth or safety pursuit in the new models.``

Attended this forum several ministers, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Karim Ghellab, and the president of the Economic and Social council, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa, the former Ministers of foreign Affairs of France and Spain respectively Mr. Hubert Vedrine and Mrs. Ana Palacio, as well as the former Managing Director of the IMF Mr. Dominique Strauss Kahn.