Visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso : 18/05/2011

Visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso

The Directorate of Public Enterprises and Privatization (DEPP), under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, received May 18th 2011, a delegation of officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso, who was in a visit to inquire about the Moroccan experience in financial control. The delegation, headed by Mr. Justin NIKIEMA, Director General of Financial Control, included six members representing the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso.

In his speech at the meeting, Mr. Mustapha KASSI, Adviser to the Director of the DEPP, presented to the members of the delegation the main tasks of the Directorate and the composition of public portfolio. He also highlighted the importance of Public Enterprises (PE) in the implementation of sector-based strategies set by the government and as projects` initiators having a direct impact on the Economic and social development of the country.

He also stressed the efforts to consolidate the role of EP in the economic momentum through preserving their investment capacity, developing their performance and renovating their governance framework, while strengthening the effectiveness of the State`s control on these companies.

The DEPP officials gave presentations on governance and contractual relationships state-PE, on the state financial control over these companies with a focus on the National Library of Morocco, on coaching and sector-based monitoring provided by the DEPP (the case of the energy sector) and the architecture of Information System and Management Branch.

These presentations gave rise to a debate which focused on the financial control modulation, the criteria for selecting enterprises for privatization, the approval of the PE budgets and the Finance Act, the responsibility for enforcement officials and authorising officers, the motivation of control officers in relation to their workload.

After this meeting, members of the Burkinabe delegation thanked the DEPP officials for their welcome and for the quality and richness of information provided.