The Strategic Watch Committee held its 12 th meeting. : 16/03/2011

The Strategic Watch Committee held its 12 th meeting.

The Strategic Watch Committee (SWC) chaired by Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Economy and Finance, held its twelfth meeting, Wednesday, March 16th 2011 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rabat.

The Minister of Economy and Finance presented, first, the progress made by (SWC). Indeed, the outcomes supported by measures adopted under the 2011 Finance Act helped to improve the position of Moroccan economy in relation to competitiveness issues.

The committee noted the relevance of the measures taken, particularly in job preservation area and called for the mobilization of these structures to step out for a new phase of development.

In addition, (SWC) agreed to start up a sector-based committee devoted to the employment issue and the launching of other sector-based committees proceedings.

In addition, 205 companies from every sector have been repaid at least once in 2010 against 430 companies in 2009, which is the equivalent of 635 companies over the past two years.

The amounts involved over the two years exceeded 115 million dirhams with a predominance of the textile and clothing and the automobile industries.

In terms of Repayment, 278 million dirhams were mobilized in 2010 against 522 million dirhams in 2009, that is to say, an overall amount of 800 million dirhams.

The breakdown by sector shows that nearly 95% of cases within the textile and clothing sector contracted nearly $ 923 million dirhams in 2009 and 2010.

As to the financial aspect, 92 cases were approved in 2010 for credits that stand at 430 million dirhams in 2009 against 116 cases (credits amounting to 698 million dirhams).

With reference to the commercial component, several requests have been dealt with to support market diversification efforts, improve hedging export SMAEX), support Moroccan export and give assistance to professional associations.

As to training, 73 certificates were granted in 2010 against 163 in 2009, which is an accumulation of 236 certificates.