The House of Representatives adopted the 2011 Finance Bill : 12/11/2010

The House of Representatives adopted the 2011 Finance Bill

On Friday, November 12th 2010, the 2011 Finance Bill was adopted by the House of Representatives by 105 votes to 41, with 17 abstentions.

  During the discussion, groups of the majority in the House of Representatives stressed that the 2011 Finance Bill is part of a forward-looking and preventive vision based on improving the growth rate and diversifying its sources to prepare Morocco to the post-crisis period, In addition, the majority reported that this project brings several new features to promote foreign investments and savings. They noted that the Bill has earmarked 167 billion dirhams for public investment; that is an increase of 5 billion dirhams compared to 2010 and 17 billion dirhams for subsidized commodities, through the Compensation Fund.

Concerning the groups of the opposition in the House of Representatives, the 2011 Finance Bill is characterized by its "accounting aspect" (although it should be more proactive to break with the traditional approach) and by its lack of visibility to deal with social and economic issues as well as wealth distribution.