Working visit of a Cameroon delegation to the Ministry of Economy and Finance : 28/06/2010

Working visit of a Cameroon delegation to the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Mr. Abdellatif Bennani, the Budget Director, met, Wednesday, June 28th 2010 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with a Cameroon delegation, led by Roger Mbassa Ndine, Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Land Management.  

During this working session, the Budget Director gave a presentation on the Moroccan experience in management development. It was organized around three themes:

  • Preserving the stability of the macroeconomic framework;
  • Strengthening the fiscal framework for public investment, and
  • Sectoral policies directed towards the diversification of sources of growth and sustainable development.

Concerning the first theme, the Budget Director clarified that Morocco?s development strategy is characterized by a stable macroeconomic framework marked by a particular average growth rate of around 5% in recent years, an inflation rate not exceeding 2%, a budget deficit under control at around 2%, and a treasury debt at around 47.1% of GDP in 2009 against 63.8% in 2002.

As regards the second theme, it was reported that strengthening the fiscal framework for public investment has been made possible through

  • Tax revenues Increasing ;
  • Improving the expenditure structure by controlling operating costs and enhancing public investment,
  • Improving the execution rate of investment expenditures.

Regarding the third theme, the Budget Director noted that growth support project through the development of public investment is directed towards accelerating major infrastructure projects, accelerating the pace of sector strategies implementation and strengthening solidarity and social cohesion.

At the end of the presentation, a debate was opened. The main issues raised by the Cameroon delegation focused on tax revenues increasing, public investment in major construction projects, the gender budget, the Moroccan experience in targeting the underprivileged people and mechanism to prepare and monitor the medium term expenditure framework (MTEF).