Strengthening of the Moroccan-Belgian Cooperation : 24/11/2009

Strengthening of the Moroccan-Belgian Cooperation

On the sidelines of the 18th session of the Joint Commission on Development Cooperation between Morocco and Belgium, Mr. Salaheddine MEZOUAR, Minister of Economy and Finance received Tuesday, November 24th, 2009, at the Ministry, Mr. Charles MICHEL, Belgian Minister of development cooperation.    

On this occasion, Messrs MEZOUAR and MICHEL welcomed the quality of relations between Morocco and Belgium and expressed the willingness of both countries to strengthen their political and economic relations.

In this regard, the two Ministers pointed to the progress of the financial cooperation between Morocco and Belgium, which is granted as donations and expressed their satisfaction with the implementation of the Code Cooperation Program (PIC) 2006-2009 which focused on a budget of 46.5 million euros (about 530 million DH).

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Mr. MEZOUAR welcomed the effort made by the Belgian Government, and the role played by Mr. MICHEL, to implement the new CIP 2010-2013 which devote the doubled amount granted to Morocco, around 80M euros (about 920 million DH), to the 2010-2013 period.

The Minister explained that this double donation reflects both the commitment of Belgium to support our country in its efforts of development and opening up, especially to the European Union, its main partner and Morocco`s absorption capacity and the visibility provided to our partners through the development of coherent sector strategies and ambitious investment programs.

Within the framework of the new PIC, Mr. Mezour thanked Mr. Michel for the Belgian contribution in the NHRI launched by His Majesty the King which constitutes a priority for Morocco in its efforts to reduce poverty and build social solidarity.

Moreover, Mr. Mezouar expressed Morocco`s satisfaction regarding the appropriate choice of the sectors identified by The new PIC namely water and agriculture as well as the focus on some geographical areas such as Sous Massa, North and East regions.

The Minister welcomed the Belgium intervention program in Morocco that goes hand in hand with the first concerns of our country and indicated that intervention in these sectors and areas will contribute to improve the lives of Moroccans through managing water resources and promoting the access of smallholder agriculture to the market.

Close of, the two Ministers welcomed the quality of economic and financial cooperation between the two Kingdoms and stressed their commitment to work together to consolidate and develop it.