Signature of a cooperation agreement between the IDF-MEF and the IGDPE-France : 08/12/2009

Signature of a cooperation agreement between the IDF-MEF and the IGDPE-France

Mr. Abdeltif LOUDYI, Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance chaired on Friday 04th December 2009 in Rabat, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement by Mr. SAMIR Fouad, Head of the Institute of Finance (IDF) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Mr. Ralph Dassa, Director General of the Institute of Public Management and Economic Development (IGPDE) reporting to French Ministries of Economy, Finance, Budget, Industry and State Reform.    

In his speech, Mr. LOUDYI declared that the agreement signed between the two institutes is an additional component to the diversified cooperation established between both countries` ministerial departments in charge of economy and finance. The Secretary-General also stressed that this agreement reflects a common desire to foreground the training of human resources as a fundamental process of modernization and reform of the state.

For his part, the Director General of IGPDE expressed his great satisfaction with this agreement since it reflects the French institute`s orientation which places the training that focuses on the professionalization of state officials, the modernization of the administration and support for reforms at the center of its cooperation with partners outside.

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The agreement signed provides the general framework of cooperation between the two parties in the institutional and training areas. The former concerns the exchange and provision of mutual expertise and experience in institutional organization and management. The latter covers essentially the pedagogical aspects of training, the development and joint organization of training or other forms, the provision of trainers or speakers in addition to learning materials and documentaries.

The agreement, which lasts 3 years from January 1st 2010, will be operationalized through annual work plans which set out cooperation activities and modalities of their implementation.

It`s worth stating that monitoring the implementation of the Convention will be ensured through bilateral consultations and an annual review of plans on the implemented work.