Participation of the Minister in the Forum of New Economy in Spain : 18/12/2009

Participation of the Minister in the Forum of New Economy in Spain

In Thursday, December 17th 2009, Mr Salaheddine MEZOUAR, Minister of Economy and Finance, was invited to the famous Forum of New Economy (Nueva Economia Forum) in Madrid.   

Before an audience composed of economic and political decision makers, managers, journalists from Spanish and international media and personalities from the civil society in Spain, the Minister emphasized the commitment of Morocco to develop and strengthen ties with Euro Mediterranean countries.

In this respect, the strategic relations between Spain and Morocco will continue to be strong and stable, "despite some short-term turmoil that will certainly not affect the quality of ties joining the two countries," said Mr. the Minister.

Taking into account the current economic and financial crisis, the Minister added that Morocco is now offering opportunities of which Spain should take advantage. The Minister also pleaded for a positive dynamic of Moroccan-Spanish relations in the interest of both countries.

Finally, the Minister reviewed the main objectives of the Finance Bill of 2010, namely the continued strengthening of domestic demand, the acceleration of structural reforms and the extension of sectoral strategies.

It should be noted that the New Economy Forum is a platform of open, neutral and plural debate of reference in Spain and Europe. Participants in this event are, among others, heads of State and Government, representatives of European institutions,major players of the economic and opinion leaders.